The Steven Curtis Portfolio

Oil on oak panel - 24 x 44 in. A study in the transition from detailed semi-realism into expressionism and abstract. The blending of the 2 extremes is becoming my signature work. $850

Left Shoe: The Yellow Christ 1889 Right Shoe: And the gold of Their Bodies 1901 Oil on Canvas Shoe $60

Upland IN

This was a joint project with a student - the whole thing was my concept, but I farmed out the work on the cityscape background, and I did the photog of the young lady friend. Off to school we go! 44 x 88 Epson Glossy Photo - mounted on 1/2" Gator Board

Oil on Oak Panel 15 x 22 Feb 2014 $375

The name of our writer's group for a time. Kerouak, Tolstoy, somwhere in between. Please note that while Jack may dominate the foreground, Tolstoy completely owns the background, and the furniture. I consider this one of my finer works actually, almost perfect in it's triple meanings. If you think about these 2 writers for awhile and look at this, you'll get it.

26x77 in.

This could be an ad for a Michigan billboard.

All 4 of these prints were done on the Epson 9800 with Enhanced Matte paper, however, since the wind turbine poster mount was 60x90, it was actually printed in 3 pieces and lap-cut, just like wallpaper. All mounted on 1/2" Black Gator Board. All of the design, the artwork, the printing, and mounting was my solo work.

21x130 glossy photo print Mounted on 1/2" Gator Board

10.5x14 Oil on Walnut Panel

Oil on Walnut Panel 20 x 42 August 2014 $650

Oil On Oak Panel 15 x 18 Jan 2014 not for sale

Oil on Walnut Panel 28 x 42 Sept 2014 $850

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Oil on Walnut Panel 28.5 x 42 Stand alone wood box frame

Oil on Walnut Panel 52 x 24 Sept 2014 From the album by Bill Evans $1150

Oil on Oak Panel 15 x 18 Feb 2014 $650

We see him, he sees stars, either foot, take your pick. You'll be stylin' in these Van Go Go's. $85 incl. shipping and tax.

10.25x16.5 Oil on Walnut Panel Box Frame - black $250

10.25x16.5 Oil on Walnut Panel Box Frame - black $250

Oil on oak panel - 21 x 38.5 in. We Need to Meet is a study in anticipation and use of psychological space and the horizon line. Taken directly from a frame of the mega-hit show Breaking Bad, this is Walter White, the chemistry teacher-turned Meth dealer. He is waiting to meet the people in the car on the horizon, his nemesis. Will he be alive after this meeting? $1000