The Steven Curtis Portfolio

Oil on oak panel - 24 x 44 in. A study in the transition from detailed semi-realism into expressionism and abstract. The blending of the 2 extremes is becoming my signature work. $850

You're an American, you're a Patriot, you vote, you pay your taxes, you gripe, in the right way of course, and you're free. So...wear these shoes to show your spirit! $80. Canvas. Every pair hand-painted original and different, in oil.

Each one of these is a sample of a simple pencil sketch that takes me about 2 minutes. Then I process them with color, which takes a bit more time, once I have the pose I want. I can draw these little people all day. They are in fact only 3 inches tall on this particular piece.

Left Shoe: The Yellow Christ 1889 Right Shoe: And the gold of Their Bodies 1901 Oil on Canvas Shoe $60

This was a joint project with a student - the whole thing was my concept, but I farmed out the work on the cityscape background, and I did the photog of the young lady friend. Off to school we go! 44 x 88 Epson Glossy Photo - mounted on 1/2" Gator Board

Oil on Oak Panel 15 x 22 Feb 2014 $375

Oil on curved maple veneer on construction tube in a Maple frame, with built-in LED and antique faucet. 3D construction that only goes in a corner. 52" high x 12" wide. Fall 2014. $1800 Currently being judged for a show at Minnetrista Center, Muncie, IN

The name of our writer's group for a time. Kerouak, Tolstoy, somwhere in between. Please note that while Jack may dominate the foreground, Tolstoy completely owns the background, and the furniture. I consider this one of my finer works actually, almost perfect in it's triple meanings. If you think about these 2 writers for awhile and look at this, you'll get it.

26x77 in.

This could be an ad for a Michigan billboard.

All 4 of these prints were done on the Epson 9800 with Enhanced Matte paper, however, since the wind turbine poster mount was 60x90, it was actually printed in 3 pieces and lap-cut, just like wallpaper. All mounted on 1/2" Black Gator Board. All of the design, the artwork, the printing, and mounting was my solo work.

21x130 glossy photo print Mounted on 1/2" Gator Board

10.5x14 Oil on Walnut Panel $350 BabyBoyBumBath

Oil On Oak Panel 15 x 18 Jan 2014 not for sale

Oil on Walnut Panel 28.5 x 42 Stand alone wood box frame $1200

Oil on Oak Panel 15 x 18 x 3/4" Feb 2014 $750

We see him, he sees stars, either foot, take your pick. You'll be stylin' in these Van Go Go's. $85 incl. shipping and tax.

Oil on oak panel - 21 x 38.5 in. We Need to Meet is a study in anticipation and use of psychological space and the horizon line. Taken directly from a frame of the mega-hit show Breaking Bad, this is Heisenberg, also known as WW. He is waiting to meet the people in the car on the horizon, his nemesis. Will he be alive after this meeting? $2500